One Catering Malaysia works with Reliable Halal kitchen to provide authentic Halal food for our Muslims friends and customers.

As a Quality Control policy, our team strictly engage only Halal Certified kitchen to deliver catering services to our customers.

Ps : Kindly make early Reservation if your event falls on peak season (for example, like Hari Raya, etc … )

Kenduri Catering

"Kenduri" is a local term used to describe special functions/celebrations by the Muslims in Malaysia. For certain events like Hari Raya and Majlis Perkahwinan (wedding ceremony), Kenduri's are actually opened to all within close proximity in the neighborhood, or simply, "Open House".

It is always nice to to attend Kenduri because it is really a Unique culture of Malaysia which practices Muhibbah.

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Halal BBQ Catering

Everybody likes BBQ Catering !

One Catering Malaysia strictly ensures that the quality of the Halal food (and food handling and BBQ cooking method) remains within standard set.

Just simply check-out our Delicious Halal BBQ menu