How About Some BBQ Food For Your Party Next Month ?

BBQ Catering is One of The Top Most Preferred catering for Malaysians. Who doesn’t like BBQ huh..

The Warmth..

The Joy..

The Fun..

Everyone Loves BBQ !

BBQ Food

One Catering Malaysia serves tasty BBQ food to areas that are close to Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor region.
Among the Most Popular BBQ food are :
  1. BBQ Chicken Wing
  2. BBQ Chicken Thigh
  3. BBQ Fish
  4. BBQ Squid
  5. BBQ Prawn
  6. BBQ Sausages/Meat

We are happy to serve special BBQ food to you and your guest.

Ps : If you're looking for BBQ catering services for any event/party, just simply give a Call to us (017-6505768) earlier so that we have more time for preparation.