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In short, we are a simple Catering Company (Malaysia) that provides TOTAL CATERING SUPPORT. We understand that in order to gain continuous support from our clients and be sustainable over time, it is our DUTY to provide TOP Customer Services on top of TOP Catering food. We are also extremely committed to ensure that our clients get the best experience hiring us as their main caterer for important occasion, and you know, “ruining” the client functions is so distasteful and hence, we try our best in our delivery.

It is about YOU and your GUEST !

Greg, CEO of One Catering Malaysia

Malaysian ONE-STOP Center for CATERING

One Catering Malaysia founded her Online presence in 2014 by Greg H (mainly in Kuala Lumpur and  Selangor), whereby he and his team (who are adepts in the food and beverages industry) gather professional food catering providers for each section of the services, which include buffet catering, Halal catering, BBQ catering, wedding catering or even customized home party catering. Each caterers are strictly selected as Greg truly understands the necessity to provide best services especially in the Online Global Platform. Satisfied customers become loyal customers. This value-rich business model ensures high competitiveness to provide best price and services, all in all to benefit the end users.
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